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  • Legality of Non-taxation proposals in Finance Bill

    The Finance Bill, 2017-18 recently passed by Parliament has raised eyebrows mainly on the ground that it did not strictly relate to ‘Money’ thus, undermining the institutional checks and balances. In a bicameral legislature, generally powers are equitably distributed between the two houses of ... Continue Reading

  • Supreme Court Asks States To Include HIV+ Children In ‘Disadvantaged Group’

    NEWS SCAN  The Supreme Court today asked the state governments to issue a notification to include children affected with HIV in disadvantaged group for imparting free, compulsory education under the 2009 law. A bench of Chief Justice J ... Continue Reading

  • Legal Service An Indispensable Part of Legal System

    The concept of legal aid should not be considered as extraneous and foreign to our legal system but as an essential part of it. It is neither a charitable sentiment nor an idle dream or a utopian project. It is an organic ... Continue Reading

  • Importance of Intersectionality in Gender-Centric Discourses

    The recent debate on the abolition of triple talaq, initiated in the case of Shayara Bano v. Union of India, has once again opened the Pandora box which was hitherto unlocked in 1985 after the Supreme Court’s judgment ... Continue Reading

  • Robert Tuohy & another Vs. Gary Bell [2002] EWCA Civ 423

    HON’BLE JUDGE/S : KENNEDY, MANTELL AND NEUBERGER Robert Arnold Tuohy, Appellant, filed an appeal against an order made by Liverpool County Court on 5th November 2001, committing Mr. Tuohy to prison for contempt of court for a period of seven days. ... Continue Reading

  • Reflections On Female Foeticide

    The problem of female foeticide is a challenge to humanity. An act, leading to death of a female fetus. The blatant act of emphasizing preference for a boy. This phenomenon has existed for centuries now and the Asian region is culturally and socially ... Continue Reading

  • Gst & Registration

    Registration is a very important aspect in any tax law. It affects our procedural compliances and how we are assessed. Therefore it is very important at the time of registration to determine under which category registration should be taken or whether registration should ... Continue Reading

  • No Law On Earth Can Justify Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Hanging

    Let me begin at the very beginning by penning down that no law on earth can justify Kulbhushan Jadhav’s hanging on “whimsical, arbitrary and illogical” grounds. Pakistan is just using a retired naval officer who was doing business ... Continue Reading

  • Travel – Majuli

    Beached amid the mighty Brahmaputra River’s ever-shifting puzzle of ochre sandbanks is Majuli, which at around 450 sq km is India’s largest river island. Majuli flaunts unparalleled scenic beauty. The island is a relaxed, shimmering mat of glowing rice fields and water meadows bursting ... Continue Reading

  • The World Is But A ‘Marketplace’

    Though in the crowds you wander, Though you’re in Muddy, Street, Though in squalor and turmoil, you flounder, And the lowest men you meet, Though in the dusty meanders, You’ll see your soul’s footsteps fleet, And like all others, Yours are, but dirty feet. In a moment of ... Continue Reading