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  • No Law On Earth Can Justify Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Hanging

    Let me begin at the very beginning by penning down that no law on earth can justify Kulbhushan Jadhav’s hanging on “whimsical, arbitrary and illogical” grounds. Pakistan is just using a retired naval officer who was doing business ... Continue Reading

  • Travel – Majuli

    Beached amid the mighty Brahmaputra River’s ever-shifting puzzle of ochre sandbanks is Majuli, which at around 450 sq km is India’s largest river island. Majuli flaunts unparalleled scenic beauty. The island is a relaxed, shimmering mat of glowing rice fields and water meadows bursting ... Continue Reading

  • The World Is But A ‘Marketplace’

    Though in the crowds you wander, Though you’re in Muddy, Street, Though in squalor and turmoil, you flounder, And the lowest men you meet, Though in the dusty meanders, You’ll see your soul’s footsteps fleet, And like all others, Yours are, but dirty feet. In a moment of ... Continue Reading

  • The ‘Swayamwar’ Copyright Judement

    Copyright law, as generally under stood, is in essence concerned with the negative right of preventing the copying of physical material existing in the field of literature and art. Its object is to protect the writer and artist from the unlawful reproduction of ... Continue Reading

  • The Indo-China War Of 1962 And The Role Of The United States Under The Stewardship Of President Kennedy

    We look up to you and to your country, and seek to learn from you, so that we can achieve the greatest aim that the world needs today and that is peace and opportunity to grow and flourish in peace The relations ... Continue Reading

  • Reflections On Female Foeticide

    T he problem of female foeticide is a challenge to humanity. An act, leading to death of a female fetus. The blatant act of emphasizing preference for a boy. This phenomenon has existed for centuries now and the Asian region is culturally and socially ... Continue Reading

  • Geographical Indication

    “Champagne” is a geographical name the denominates the sparkling wine produced in the Champagne District of France & “Basmati” is a symbol which stands for some particular varieties of slender, long-grained, aromatic from the Greater Punjab region, now divided between India and ... Continue Reading

  • Uniform Civil Code Masked Intentions

    Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is mentioned in Article 44 of the Indian Constitution under the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP). The issue of Uniform Civil Code has been ignited by the question of the legality of Triple Talaq under Muslim Personal Law. ... Continue Reading

  • The Changing Roles Of A Women

    The Indian family system has progressively confronted and combated various kinds of changes and yet India has no family policy per se so far. In this context the present paper is to focus on contemporary practices contributing for major changes in the Indian ... Continue Reading

  • Jallikattu Protest In Chennai In Retrospect And Prospects

    Until the end of World War II, it was the mankind itself which was endangered and therefore, the man’s dominance over another came to be deplored. Taking it further, the modern legal systems have disfavoured the unconstrained hegemony even over the animals. We have ... Continue Reading