Call for Paper: LAW MANTRA JOURNAL (ISSN: 2321-6417) CALL FOR PAPERS FOR VOL. 4 ISSUE 10,11; SUBMIT BEFORE 16TH JUNE,2017, law gupshup
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  1. veena says:

    Regarding the themes for this call for papers can anybody explain me clearly.

  2. vimal says:

    Word limit??

  3. himianu says:

    I ‘m trying to send my paper , but there is an error coming.The id is not recognized . kindly resolve this problem ASAP!

  4. bhumikamudgil says:

    Can a single author can send 2 entries? Any link for this ?

  5. deepanshu says:

    Can you please tell whether co-authorship is allowed or not?

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