Goverment Law college alwar

Goverment Law college alwar

Established in 2005-06 after its separation from Babu Shobha Ram Govt. Arts college, Alwar having B+ grade accredited by NAAC. Before that  it was part of R.R. College, Alwar where Law classes were started in 1970. In this way Govt. Law College, Alwar has a history of four decades and it is an important law college of eastern Rajasthan. At present it is affiliated to University of Rajasthan for running 3 years LL.B course and one year Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Law course.

Bar council of India has granted Deemed approval for its LL.B course since 1979. Faculty composition of the institution consists of one whole time principal with 09 whole time Lecturers and 02 Part time Lecturers with different specializations.

Legal Education has to face the challenges in the new millennium in the wake of global changes taking place in Economic, Political and Social set-up. The services of dedicated and professionally competent advocates are necessary to meet such challenges. This is precisely what Govt. Law College is striving for. Apart from bringing for the a generation of competent lawyers and judges who readily respond to the needs of the citizens, the college also endeavors to inculcate legal awareness in society, thus bringing the law closer to the needy and the deserving. To achieve this goal, the college imparts legal education in a distinctly different manner. The advantage is that the students will be familiarized with the legal issues confronting the people and will be urged to find, interpret and analyze the law and relate it to real life problems. Therefore, Govt. Law College has a primary mission of creating a generation of able competent and humane lawyers who will not only enter the Bar & bench but will also  be equipped to address effectively the imperatives of the new millennium.

The Dept. of law of this college has produced so many administrative and judicial officials and eminent layers & public prosecutors. Deptt. of this very college has produced such law graduates who become political leaders later on like-

1. Sh. Ramhet Yadav, sitting M.L.A. from Kishangarh Bas constitutency of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly

2. Sh. Hem Singh Bhadana sitting M.L.A. from Thanagazi.

3. Late Sh. Madan Mohan Ex. M.L.A. from Khairthal.

4. Naresh Yadav has been student of this college who is Ex. M.L.A. of Haryana Legislative Assembly.

Candidates for the LL.B. First year/Second Year/Third Year (Academic Professional ) Course shall be examined in the following papers. Each paper shall be of 100 marks and of three hours duration.
LL.B. (First Year) LL.B. (Second Year )
Paper 1.1                contract-I (General Principles)

Paper 1.2                Contract-II (specific Contracts)

Paper 1.3                Law of Torts & Consumer


Paper 1.4                Family Law-I (Hindi Law)

Paper 1.5                Family Law-II (Mohammedan


Paper 1.6                constitutional Law of India

Paper 1.7                Legal language & Legal Writing

including Gen. English

Paper 1.8                Legal language & India. Or (b)

Trusts, Equity & Fiduciary


Paper 1.9                PIL, Legal Aid, Para-Legal

Services & Moot Court


This paper shall consist of following two parts

Practical written paper 80 marks, (b) Viva voce examination 20 marks

Paper 2.1                Jurisprudence

Paper 2.2                Law of Crimes

Paper 2.3                The law relating to transfer of

property & Easement

Paper 2.4                Company Law

Paper 2.5                Public  law and human rights

Paper 2.6                labour law

Paper 2.7                Administrative Law

Paper 2.8                (a) Law of taxation, orr (b) Law of Insurance

Paper 2.9                Prof. Ethics Bar – Bench

Relations & Moot Court


This paper shall consist of following two parts.

Practical written paper 80 marks, (b) Viva voce examination 20 marks

LL.B. (Third Year) D.LL
Paper 1.1                Law of evidence

Paper 3.2                Law relating to criminal procedure juvenile

justice and probation of offenders

Papers 3.3              Code of civil procedure and limitation act

Papers 3.4              arbitration, Conciliation and A.D.R. system

Paper 3.5                Land law

Paper 3.6                Interpretation of Statutes

Paper 3.7                Environmental Law

Paper 3.8                (a) Criminology and Penology, or

(b) Intellectual property law

Paper 3.9                Drafting, pleading, convincing, pre-trial preparations & Moot courts

This paper shall consist of following two parts.

(a) Practical written paper 80 marks, (b) Viva voce examination 20 marks

Paper I  :       Industrial Relations :- Genesis, Concept and Emerging Patterns (New)

Paper II    :     Labour Welfare Legislation and Industrial Sociology and Labour Welfare

Papers III   :        Wages and Social Security Legislation Genesis of Wage Regulation (New)

Papers IV  :        Personnel Management and Industrial     Psychology

Paper V  :            Labour Jurisprudence and the I.L.O.

Paper  VI :             Labour Economics and Labour Statistics and           Organized & Unorganized Labour Organizations

LL.M ((Two Year)

Part- I 

Paper 1. Legal Theory

Paper 2. Legislation-Principles, Methods and interpretation

Paper 3. Legal Research Meghodology

Paper 4. Constitutional Law of India : New Challenges

Paper 5. Viva -Voce

Part- 2 

Branch -I

Paper 1. General Principles of Tort and Specific Wrong

Paper 2. General Principles of crime and specific offences.

Paper 3. Comparative Criminal Procedure

Paper 4. Law Relating to Rehabilitation an Treatment of offenders.

Paper 5. Dissertation or  paper or  viva-voce

Branch – II

Paper 1. Hindu Jurisprudence (Uncodified Hindu Law) and Codified Hindu Law Relating to Marriage

Paper 2. Gender Justice and Codified Hindu Law Relating to Adoption Maintenance, Minority. Guardianship and Succession.

Paper 3. Muslim Jurisprudence and the Law including inheritance

Paper 4. Other Personal Laws operating in India.

Paper 5. Dissertation or  paper or  viva-voce

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