Call for paper : International Journal of Legal Insight (IJLI) Deadline :15 June, 2017, law gupshup
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  1. fagun says:

    Can you please tell whether co-authorship is allowed or not?

    1. Aman Aditya says:

      Yes Co-Authorship is allowed up to a maximum of two authors. This is for an edited volume which will be published with ISBN.

  2. falak says:

    Is there on option for a certificate for presentation in absentia

  3. garima says:

    Suppose if a paper is submitted and it is subsequently selected,is it mandatory to attend the seminar.

  4. veena says:

    Do you have to write a paper on all subtopics of one topic or any one sub topic?

  5. deepanshu says:

    Can there be two authors….??? I mean an author and a coauthor….???

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