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This niche firm is experienced in the defence of the most serious criminal matters, mostly accepting work in three categories – serious and organised crime, private and legally aided; white-collar financial crime, private and legally aided; and representation for less serious offences where private funding is available.

The firm: The practice was a founder member of the Specialist Fraud Panel, allowing the firm to act on behalf of legally aided defendants in serious and complex fraud matters. The firm has a long history of representation from the outset of complex fraud investigations. For instance, when the Serious Fraud Office investigated the British pharmaceuticals industry in respect of price-fixing allegations, Daniel Berman accompanied a number of the top executives in the industry for the interview process. Those directors were not charged. When the SFO investigated BAE Systems in respect of corruption allegations, Daniel Berman was again instructed – with the same outcome.

The firm is frequently involved in high-profile criminal cases. With this type of work, experience, trust and tenacity are required, with a high level of responsibility. The firm evolved into a smaller practice, with Daniel Berman handling selected cases in person. He understands the demands and pressures of defending serious crime, and clients are reassured by the expert advice and protection of their rights by the firm. There is no substitute for this degree of experience when the stakes are at their highest.

In recent years, high-profile individuals from the world of sport and entertainment have instructed Daniel Berman to defend them in less serious matters, given his expertise and familiarity with the media.

The firm utilises sophisticated information technology to process and challenge prosecution evidence in the most comprehensive and aggressive manner. It also uses its technical ability to shield confidential information.

The practice is structured to offer specialist criminal defence services to a limited number of clients, with the focus upon excellence. This can be contrasted with the factory approach necessarily adopted by legal aid practices in the current funding environment. The firm is retained for the type of cases which allow for the instruction of the very best counsel. The firm’s exacting standards are maintained in all matters, whether legally aided or private.

The firm prides itself on its strategic awareness and ability to protect clients’ interests in the face of any prosecution, whether it was instigated by the Metropolitan Police or the Serious Fraud Office, for instance; always providing the highest quality advocates to represent clients in court; utilising its links with the most renowned expert witnesses in their respective fields for the benefit of clients; being totally accessible 24/7 via mobile telephone; keeping clients fully informed, and providing a personal, fully accountable and accessible service; assisting clients at each stage of their involvement with the criminal justice system; and explaining clients’ legal positions with clarity and sophistication.

Types of work undertaken: Daniel Berman & Co specialises in defending serious crime and complex fraud matters. Mr Berman will also personally handle less serious matters on a privately funded basis, for instance allegations of sexual offences or driving-related matters. Daniel Berman is a specialist in attending and advising during the interview process.

The practice is well-established in the defence of all serious criminal matters, including international drug trafficking allegations, murder enquiries, firearms, forgery and counterfeiting cases. It is also well-versed in defending fraud prosecutions, and familiar with the weighty and complex nature of these cases. A significant practice area of the firm is the representation of private clients facing any prosecution, and safeguarding their reputations effectively and in the most vigorous fashion.

The firm only accepts a limited numbers of cases per annum. The model is unusual in that the principal Mr Berman manages and supervises the defence work, and is the accessible point of contact. It is a high-end operation designed to provide an elite service.

Breakdown of work    %Crime     100
Private     40
Legal aid     60


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