M.K. Gandhi’s The Law and the Lawyers By Maj Gen (Prof) Nilendra Kumar & Neha Chaturvedi

M.K. Gandhi’s The Law and the Lawyers By Maj Gen (Prof) Nilendra Kumar & Neha Chaturvedi
1st Edition 2016
INR 325/- | Softcover
About the Book

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (2 Oct 1869-30 Jan 1948) led India’s freedom struggle. He inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

Prior to his plunge in national life, Gandhi had studied law at the Inner Temple and was called to the Bar in June 1891. He practiced law in India and South Africa. He spent 21 years in South Africa as an attorney.

Gandhi was a prolifc writer and an impressive public speaker. He contributed extensively for the Indian Opinion, Young India and Harijan. His autobiography “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”, first published in 1927, is designated as one of the ՙ100 Best Spiritual Book of the 20th Century.՚

This work is intended to be a guide to law professionals, academic and students as a lesson plan to develop attributes of a lawyer. They will find examples helpful to cultivate, build, develop and maintain relationships with clients. Importance of honesty, integrity and pro-activity apart from benefits that flow from attention to detail. It’s illustrations would assist in clear and effective legal writings. Gandhi’s lucid, erudite and analytical prose will be useful as a model to young students. This would train them to acquire desired professional ethics apart from effective court craft and examination skill. His participation in various movements may inspire many emerge as civil rights activist. They can draw useful lessons in the art of negotiation and other traits so as to operate effectively in a competitive professional world.

About the Authors

Maj Gen Nilendra Kumar served in the Indian Army from 1969 to 2008, and was its Judge Advocate General from Sep 2001 to 2008. He is presently Director of Amity Law School, Noida and Director General of Amity Directorate of Research and Innovation in Law & Allied Areas.

He has authored/edited sixteen books on law and other subject.  The book “NaniPalkhivala : A Role Model” has been acclaimed as a legal classic. He teaches Professional Ethics; Law, Poverty and Development, Media Laws and Interpretation of Statutes.

He formed part of the Indian delegation to the UN on the working session on steps to eradicate the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons at New York, and on explosive remnants of war at Geneva. He was invited as an expert by the Standing Committee of the Parliament on the Bills relating to Armed Forces Tribunal, Civil Nuclear Liability and the Advocates Act.

He is a member of the Management Advisory Committee of the Lok Sabha TV. He successfully initiated and operationalised the practice of dissemination of latest decisions of the Supreme Court on TV for public viewers so as to strengthen rule of law.

He has lectured extensively in India and abroad. He is frequently invited as a panelist by TV channels. He is a member of the International Society of Military Law and Law of War, and of International Association of Law Deans.

Neha Chaturvedi had studied at Delhi and Lucknow Universities. She has practiced law in High Court of Delhi. She is now based in Singapore engaged primarily in Socio -Economic and gender issues.

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