National Conference on Vedic Concept Of Law and Jurisprudence

National Conference on Vedic Concept Of Law and Jurisprudence

19 March21 March

The Vidyalaya is holding National conference on ‘Vedic Concept of Law and Jurisprudence’ between 19th March 2016 to 21st March 2016 jointly with Sandipani Ved Prathithan under the Ministry of Human Resources and Education.

The following topics will be discussed in the seminar-

1.Vedic Concept of law and Jurisprudence

2.Legal Principles in Vedas and Smritis

3.Principles of Justice in Vedas and Modern Western thought.

4.Jaimini’s Nyaya philosophy and its applicability in present legal system.

5.Women in the Vedic period

6.Mimansa Rules of interpretation

7.Judicial principles in novel, ‘mrchkatikam’

8.Concept of equality in Vedas

9.Stories in Vedas concerning Justice

10Any other topic concerning law and Vedas.

There will be four secession besides Inaugural secession and Valedictory secession, the programme is as under-

19.3.2015 Saturday
Inaugural Secession 10.30.AM to 1.00.PM Focused on Vedic Concept of Law and Jurispudence
Panel Secession I 1. Legal Principles of the Vedic period 2. Samveda
20.3.2016  SUNDAY
Panel Secession II ( 10.30 AM to 1.PM.) Contemporary perspective of Justice in Western and Vedic thoughts
Panel Secession III ( 2.PM. to 4.00.PM.) Jamini’s Nyaya Philosophy and its applicability in the legal system
21.3. 2016  MONDAY
Panel Secession IV ( 10.30 AM to 1 P.M. ) Women in Vedic period
Valedictory Secession ( 2.PM to 4 PM )

Note = The Articles may be sent to the organizer either in English. Hindi or Sanskrit. At the address noted below-
Shri E.C. Agarwal
63-C Neeti Bagh New Delhi- 49
Mob. O-98101-38747

Hon’ble Mr. Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari, former Judge Supreme Court of India, Dr. Justice M. K. Sharma, former Judge Supreme Court of India, and Chancellor of Vedic University Delhi, Hon’ble Dr. Justice B.S. Chahan, Hon’ble Mr. Justice B.N. Srikrishna, Hon’ble Mr. Justice G.P.Mathur all former Judges of the Supreme Court of India have kindly consented to participate and deliver lecture in the seminar.

One hundred and fifty scholars have been invited to participate in the seminar

Those who want to participate and deliver lecture , they are welcomed provided they give in advance the copy of their Article. In case typed copy of letter is given, they will be paid honorarium The organizers shall make arrangement for their stay and lodging.

Also,The people who want to attend the meetings of seminar, they should submit application to the organizer on the address noted above. The entry is free for attending the meeting.

For any further details you may contact at the address noted below-

Shri E.C.Agrawal
63-C Neeti Bagh , New Delhi- 49
Mobile No. 0-98101,38747
E mail – chamber @ aglaw. in

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