Internship experince @ Khaitan & Co., Kolkata: Good Work Atmosphere, Stipend 2500, Rated 7/10

Intern: Deepti Somani, ILS Law College (interned during the 4th year)

Place of internship: Khaitan and Co., Kolkata

Timings/duration: 4 week internship, 6 days a week, 10 am-5.30 pm

Application process

I applied through a contact.

One must submit his/her CV, certificate issued by college confirming that you are a bona-fide student, Xth and XIIth Std. mark-sheets. Until and unless you comply with the above requirements, you will not receive a confirmation letter from Khaitan’s end.

First impression about the internship


After a brief meeting with the internship co-ordinator, I was introduced to the senior associate heading the corporate laws team. He, then, introduced me to his team and familiarized me with the work culture.

Interns at Khaitan and Co. are expected to carry their laptops. So, make sure, that you carry it from the first day itself.

Main tasks during the internship

During the course of internship, I researched mainly on matters covered under Company Law, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, SEBI Regulations, Payment of Gratuity Act etc.

I also had the opportunity to work on due diligence reports.

In the first week, I hardly had any work to do but it was compensated by the work I was given in last two weeks.

Work environment and the people at work

The work atmosphere at Khaitan and Co. is relaxed. Most of the associates are young and they are really cordial and helpful. Interns also get an opportunity to interact with the senior partners.

Once an associate gives you some work, the chances of getting work from him/her again depends entirely on your performance.

Also, the associates would give you a small outline as to the relevant provisions of law before assigning any work.

Best things about the internship

The law firm’s office has a very informal ambiance. The associates can be easily approached and are very helpful.

The firm has a good library, a considerable section of which consists of books on company law and taxation.

In office, and hungry!

The Khaitan’ Kolkata office does not have a canteen. However, a regular supply of tea and coffee is available throughout the day.

You have road side food stalls and eateries in abundance along with the usual CCD, Barista, Monginis etc.

Worst things about the internship

There were days, when I had absolutely no work.

You can also expect a lot of clerical work from some of the associates.

Stipend: Rupees 2500

Rating: 7/10


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