Marriage Laws & Family Courts Act

Marriage Laws & Family Courts Act

Edition  :  Eleventh Edition

 Publisher : Asia Law House 

 The book, written by Shri E.L. Bhagiratha Rao, Retired as much as 10 year of legal journals of all kinds were conned for the latest case law. The Family Court Act, Rules and Model Forms were added with the relevance Act like Minority and Guardianship Act, Adoption and Maintenance

Act etc. to make it a comprehensive reference guide for the advocates and the law students and also for general readers on Marriage and Divorce Laws in India.

Since the previous edition numerous decisions on various aspects of marriage, divorce and family courts have come from the Apex Courts and High Courts. In this edition all such cases have been scrutinized and incorporated at the appropriate places. Some statues which were so far not given place in the book, have also been inserted in this edition.

This book would be found useful to the Bench and the marriages.

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