Laughter As Medicine

Laughter As Medicine

Law Professionals Should Take Care of Their Health

Have you ever spent time with the kids from the uncivilized hinterland? It is such a refreshing moment. The adults are equally light-hearted, though of course more anxious. The pleasure of their company is in their laughter and giggles. They carry no baggage of EGO and ANXIETY. Their laughter is a celebration of purity of intentions and depth of natural goodness. A lawyer’s life is tiresome, so they need laughter therapy more than anybody else.

There is health and wealth in laughter. It is the outward manifestation of the clear crystal in your heart, which is reflecting the happy light. The question is can laughter be induced? Forced laughter, does it have any therapeutic value? It seems to have. The entire philosophy of laughter therapy is based on this assumption and it seems to work. If the weather, colors and other such things as noise and music can change our emotional wavelengths, then surely even induced laughter will force the system to break its bonds and get into the REAL laughter mode. More so, if you can think back about funny moments in your life or any other moment from films or joke-books that you are reminded of. A regular dose of laughter has immediate medicinal value.

It is a stress buster of the best kind. It unblocks the system, and oxygen then rushes all over the body to rejuvenate through the enhanced blood flow all over the body. This has a direct impact on the immune system that gets all fired up and starts sweeping the unwanted intrusions and repairing the broken gates. The T cells are energized to become truly effective.

Laughter incr- eases lung activity perforce. More oxygen is pumped in. It is akin to aerobic exercise. It seems that one minute of laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes on the rowing machine.

Of course, it is not necessary to say but I need to mention that laughter and anxiety and sultry moods cannot coexist. The very thought of seeing Charlie Chaplin dusting and wiping at his master’s home – even the fish in the tank which he took out, wiped it and put it back in the water -is enough to make one forget everything sad, though only for a second. When the spirit is able to unblock itself from the stronghold of negative and self-pitying thoughts, the body can relax, loosen its moorings, shake off insomnia and enjoy again the beauty of the sunrise, butterflies on the flowers and the disturbings of children!

In the long run, present day illnesses of the favored classes are all reduced by the fact that stress related hormones are reduced and pleasure giving and pain reducing endorphins are released into the system. This news should make all sufferers from arthritis, spondolysis. colic, constipation and muscular spasms etc get up and go out into the sunshine for a bout of Laughter Therapy.

The best news I had kept for the last. Laughter will keep you young and even save you from age related diseases. Had a good laugh lately?

-Dr. Kiran Arora

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