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Resume For Job

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A specific objective statement giving a quick summary of who you are, your interest areas and what you want. For example – “A 3rd year B.Tech Electronics Engineering student at IIT Madras with interest in Analog Circuit Design looking for an internship with a start up or early stage company for a period of 2 months (Jun-Jul’ 13)”.

Do NOT write generalized/vague/global gyaan filled objective statement such as

Looking for an innovative and challenging environment that can fully utilize my capability and provide me an opportunity to keep pace with the demanding efficiency and where challenges are transformed into opportunity and opportunities into success.


2014(expected) – B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) – IIT Madras – 8.2/10 (at the end of 4 sems)Write about your education (Graduation, 12th, and 10th) in reverse chronological manner (most recent first) in below format. You could also use a tabular format  for presenting this info

  • 2012 – 12th (Sr. Secondary) – CBSE Board – 85%
  • 2010 – 10th (Secondary) – ICSE Board – 92%

Internships & Trainings

Software Engineering intern, ABC Company Limited, New Delhi June-July’12Write about any relevant training programs and internship you may have done previously. Write in reverse chronological manner. Mention name of the organization, duration and time, and a 1-2 line description of what you did during training/internship. See example below –

  • Designed and programmed algorithms (complexity N^2) to transfer large data from 2 dimensional arrays to metrices.
  • Programming languages used Java, C++

Academic Projects
Example-Write about 2-3 most relevant academic projects (either as an independent project with a professor, a live project with industry, or a significant project you may have done as part of coursework) in reverse chronological manner. Mention the title, duration & time and 1-2 line description of what you did in the project. If any research papers were published as outcome, do mention that.

  • Simulink Model of Relay Protection Scheme                                 Jan-Apr’12
    The project aimed at making a working Simulink model of power system protection scheme so as to virtually test the time setting and working of the various relays deployed on field.
    Research Paper Publication – “Authors”, “Title of paper”, Journal & Volume, ISSN Number

.Computer Skills

Write about your knowledge of programming languages, software packages etc.


List your academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular achievements here in bullet points (in reverse chronological order). Do not write every small thing, write stuff that matters.

Extra-curricular Activities / Others

List everything else (Positions of responsibilities, workshops attended, languages known, hobbies etc.). Again keep this section free from clutter and write only important points in bullet points in reverse chronological order

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