Law & Technology

Law & Technology

Publisher: Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Author     : Niharika Vij

Pages       : 124

Price         : Rs. 225

The ever increasing use of technology especially in trade and commerce to drive operations and to deliver optimal services and its common access to all and sundry has led to the evolution of new unprecedented threats which needs to be countered. Post 2000, after the promulgation of cyber laws by Government of India in the form of Information Technology Act, 2000 alongwith allied Rules, the issues of E-commerce, Online contracting, cyber crimes like hacking, phishing, data theft, identity theft, source code theft, denial of access, cloning, stalking, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, cyber defamation etc. have become common. Hence to protect, promote, preserve and regulate cyber security an effective enforcement of these laws is required.
This book contains many substantive areas like Defamation, Electronic Contracts, Electronic signatures, E-banking, Cyber crimes, Genetic technology and Broadcasting laws. It is an easy-to-use reference for the legal practitioner, law students, scholars and observers. The book is divided into 18 chapters and gives a brief analysis of other aspects such as online securities, online software solutions, e-banking, obscenity, UPOV, Forensic Science, etc.

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