Eastern Book Company

Eastern Book Company

Established in 1942, the Eastern Book Company (EBC) Group is the intellectual giant in Indian law publishing, with offices in several Indian cities. It is run by a unique combination of highly qualified legal, managerial and information technology professionals, who have acquired their expertise, across generations, from the leading universities and institutes of India, Asia, North America and Britain.

EBC publishes a wide range of legal commentaries, student texts, law reports and digests, and its products include pioneering works both in the print and electronic medium.. Its large list of publications includes standard legal texts for professionals, the industry, law students, students of competitive examinations and of professional courses like C.A., C.S., I.C.W.A. etc.

The law report Supreme Court Cases™, started in 1969 and now running into over 260 volumes, is the leading law report of India with a very wide circulation, and is cited in all courts in India and in all standard works of law. The standards of legal reporting set by it, have earned the respect and admiration of the entire legal community. EBC has done pioneering work, by creating for the first time a complete index/digest of the case law of the Indian Supreme Court in its 35 volume publication, ‘The Complete Digest of Supreme Court Cases’. The work comprehensively covers the judgments delivered by the Supreme Court since its inception in 1950 till date. The second edition of this monumental work is currently under print.

Additionally, EBC publishes law  journals for statutory law. The ‘Current Central Legislation’ contains central statutory law, while ‘Lucknow Law Times’ in addition to the Central statutory law also contains the statutory law of the State of Uttar Pradesh. Also, ‘The Edict’, a quarterly National Law Review, publishes articles on topics of current legal debate authored by legal luminaries, academics and senior members of the bench and bar. A house journal, ‘The Practical Lawyer’, provides latest information about the developments in the legal world to its readers along with a monthly digest of Supreme Court case-law.

Eastern Book Company

34, Lalbagh, Lucknow — 226001

Customer helpline: (91-0522) 9935096000, (91-522) 4033601


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